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May 03, 2016
Posted by: Simon Hodgkins, Chief Marketing Officer, Vistatec

When thinking about taking a brand or service global, you will soon find yourself entering and exploring the world of language. This can be more complex and multifaceted than it may have appeared initially.

​​​​​You will quickly discover that there is a whole industry out there dedicated to language and language technology. The language industry is expanding rapidly, as reaching people in distant places is easier than ever in the age of the internet.

Translating and localizing your content will enable you to grow your global presence and develop new markets. Whether you are a multinational, a niche player, a government entity, or nonprofit organization, professional localization will allow you to market products that are tailored to local standards and specifications. It will give you the power to connect with your audiences in their own languages with culturally attuned messages.

Like in any industry, there are many players from generalists to specialists offering niche solutions, to full end-to-end multilingual globalization, and technology-based services. The main categories are:

· Multilingual end-to-end service providers (typically referred to as LSP or MLVs) offer enterprise level language services across a broad range of languages combined with technical services such as desktop publishing, multimedia, engineering and testing.

· Single or regional language providers (often referred to as SLV) specialize in one language or a set of regional languages and often partner with MLVs.

· Linguists and writers are at the very center of the language industry. They often work as freelancers or contractors, collaborating with MLVs and SLVS. Some larger client companies may have in-house linguists as part of their localization model.

· Technical services companies focus on the provision of multimedia, audio, testing and desktop publishing (DTP) services for the wider industry.

· Technology companies specialize in the development of enabling technologies for workflow management, translation memories, machine translation, post editing, terminology, QA, and analytics. Language technology is instrumental for effective localization and help drive scale, quality and cost-efficiencies.

You will find a wide range of language companies you could engage in support of your global objectives. Question is what will work best for you? It is always good to check their track record, successes to date, key differentiators, scalability, and strategy, and then carefully match a company’s capabilities with what you want to achieve. You want to partner with a company that can deliver quality on a consistent basis, support current and future requirements, and respond to your evolving and growing needs with agility.

You will come across many different service providers and options within the industry from industry giants, to global players, and smaller regional specialists. Are your needs best served by a global organization such as Vistatec, a multi-language vendor working with thousands of people around the world covering over 150+ languages, or, perhaps, by smaller organizations who provide single languages or language subsets?

An important element within the world of language is the ability to offer technology enabled solutions for workflow management, translation memories (TM), terminology, machine translation (MT)post-editing (PE), QA testing, system integration and many others. At Vistatec, technology specialists and software developers work closely with our global clients to deliver seamless end-to-end technology and infrastructure solutions. This is of critical importance as the technical elements of your overall localization strategy and infrastructure will help future proof an organization’s globalization setup.

As an organization embraces the key aspects of going global, moving well beyond the need of word-for-word translations, to deliver their content around the world, the concepts of internationalization, globalization, and localization reveal their true significance.

Correctly functioning localized websites, software, and apps are critical to user experience and brand integrity. Operator manuals, instructions and technical specifications must be accurate to allow correct handling of equipment and machinery. Local regulations need careful consideration and adherence. Messaging and campaigns need to factor in locale specific cultural, socio- and geopolitical considerations to conjure up the desired image and deliver the wanted impact.

Language industry specialists make multilingual cross-cultural communication possible and enable you to achieve the desired outcomes — be they inspirational, instructional, or commercial.

Engaging with a professional service provider is essential for global success. To succeed on the global stage you want to work with a partner who truly understands your brand and vision and who has the infrastructure and expertise to support you to communicate seamlessly across cultures in multiple languages around the world.

If you need to adapt a new product, service, or content into different languages for new target markets, professional localization services will help you and your organization to deliver this in a methodical, efficient and cost-effective manner. No matter whether you have been localizing content for years or your organization is only starting out on this journey, it is important to give all localization due consideration to ensure optimal user experience and acceptance.

Regardless of your company’s industry, developing a holistic globalization strategy will help drive international revenue. You may require websites translation, software localization, real-time translation services for online forums or a complex mix of services. How you engage with your customers and communicate effectively with new prospects around the world can be improved significantly with language solutions that can be deployed across multiple devices, platforms and channels. Professional language solutions help you to scale your messaging campaigns, products and services in a much more compelling, consistent and effective manner while maintaining the highest levels of quality, balanced with cost efficiencies.

Some of the world’s most successful brands with significant international revenues have truly come to appreciate the expertise that their language providers deliver. Vistatec’s clients include many different types of organizations. Vistatec has in-depth experience of successfully working with the largest global brands on the planet. We also have first-hand experience of supporting emerging organizations who rapidly become global players in their space. Being able to leverage a full suite of language solutions is success critical for our clients.

Vistatec has been supporting many of the world’s most recognized brands to optimize their global commercial potential since 1997. We match content, desired impact, and effective localization methodology so that the intended experience and outcome is consistent and predictable regardless of language or locale.

Working with Vistatec, a recognized industry leader, will enable you to truly ‘Think Global’.​