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  • ​Localization, in context review (ICR) and QA into 23 languages across the server and client application for multiple platforms and mobile devices.
  • Limited automation for post processing of files.
  • Three additional languages added during the project.
    • Inconsistent terminology used and non-adherence to glossaries or terminology.
  • Evaluation and prioritization of various stakeholders' goals.
  • No metrics and business intelligence data.

The Solution

  • Vistatec provided dedicated technical resources to build an automated solution for post processing of files.
  • Automated TM maintenance across all current and new open source translated content to resolve inconsistency issues.
  • Localization testing teams and ICR QA for all testing scenarios across multiple OS's and mobile devices.
  • Remote access to staging environments for the ICR testing.
  • Management and testing support for all languages.
  • Weekly reporting focusing on KPI's.
  • One consolidated monthly invoice in US$.
  • Single point of contact for Project Management.
  • Regular reporting on volumes, languages, TM savings, cost per application per time period and breaking down of test data for all reporting, all of which was highly customized.


Vistatec had the flexibility to retain the existing open source translation teams, while providing additional, suitable resources for the remaining languages. Organizing the content, leverage and user base was an absolute necessity and the centralized project & financial management saved valuable overhead hours. TM reuse and language consistency improved dramatically.

Vistatec received an award for continuous service of excellence.