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This customer operates in a highly complex, dynamic, competitive, global online marketplace. Optimizing share of voice in such an environment is critical. 

The company undertakes a high level of marketing communications across a wide variety of media in over 50 languages.  Ensuring that content is on-brand is vital.  Quality and time to market are also crucial as hotel and airline inventories are highly perishable. 

The customer used to face continuing pressure to optimize the ability to attract customers to its global websites. Any chosen global content partner needed to: 

  • Deliver high quality localized content for each marketing campaign, website and relevant global communication.
  • Provide culturally relevant content, consistent with brand, and appropriate for specific target markets and audiences.
  • Ensure customers are not hindered by sub-par translations at any point when booking a hotel, especially on booking forms which needed to be 100% clear to maximize conversion rates.
  • Ensure overall user experience was optimized and customers had a good onsite experience;
  • A minimum 99% adherence to agreed Turnaround Time (TAT) on all projects.
  • Optimize sites and key product pages for search.

The Solution

Vistatec has overcome all challenges and is fulfilling all requirements by:

  • Delivering on-brand material for all of relevant target markets.
  • Creating unique content for various markets and campaigns to assist with authenticity and site optimization.
  • Providing a centralized SEO function for all of multilingual requirements.
  • Managing skilled teams of in-country language professionals, each of whom has been specifically selected based on their abilities to interpret and deliver upon specific marketing briefs, in order to produce the required market outcomes.
  • Working in collaboration with worldwide customer teams including developers, translators, localization QA and engineering.
  • Providing required flexibility and capability to manage a constantly evolving, high volume program.
  • Supplying regular program metrics allowing management to make data driven decisions.


Working with Vistatec has allowed this online travel enterprise to optimize its online presence, delivering high quality, on-brand content across the globe.  Processing dozens of job of varying sizes and complexity per day, Vistatec have always met or exceeded the 99% adherence to TAT.  Our partnership has enabled this customer to become one of the most successful brands in the world, and the leader in the online travel market.