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The existing infrastructure, processes and functions supporting global content were not robust enough to support localization, language review, QA and release into 27 languages.

  • Limited centralization of localization function, distributed ownership.
  • Existing workflow system managed by internal technical department, limited functionality and no customization.
  • No terminology management.
  • Insufficient TM maintenance.
  • No structured coordinated testing methodology across languages.
  • Difficulty evaluating and prioritizing various stakeholders' goals.
  • Complex project and financial management – multiple vendors = multiple project managers + invoices from multiple vendors in several currencies.
  • No metrics and business intelligence data.

The Solution

  • Vistatec chosen as single MLV – Vistatec on-boarded some existing client language resources and staffed remaining languages with own teams.
  • Vistatec analyzed the process challenges and picked SDL WorldServer™ as the ideal workflow tool – hosted and supported at Vistatec.
  • Migration of all existing linguistic assets, including TM sequencing, workflow and filter development, user role definition + user setup and training and help desk.
    • User role definition, setup, training and support have been of particular importance as the distributed ownership remains across the client organization. There are over 100 active users including developers, project managers, translators and reviewers.
  • Termbase setup, translation and regular maintenance.
  • Automated TM maintenance.
  • Linguistic and Localization Testing for all scenarios across multiple OS's and mobile devices.
  • Management and testing support .
  • Weekly reporting, consolidated monthly invoice in US$.
  • Single point of Project Management.
  • Regular reporting on volumes, languages, TM savings, cost per application per time period and breaking down of test data.  All reporting is highly customizable.


For a customer facing these particular challenges, selecting a partner like Vistatec was an ideal solution. The size, internal staffing and structure of the program required a centralized workflow management system – but not one that had to be purchased, installed and maintained at the client site. In addition, Vistatec had the flexibility to retain the existing aspects that were working well (certain linguists for certain languages and testing), while providing additional, suitable resources as needed. Organizing the content, leverage and user base was an absolute necessity and the centralized project & financial management is saving valuable overhead hours. TM reuse and language consistency have improved dramatically, and the program is now growing rapidly to include additional corporate divisions and content types.

The choice of localization partner is helping this customer build a true center of localization excellence.