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Our customer had made a strategic acquisition of an online hotel booking company and needed to review the acquired site content across 31 languages; the goal was to of verify and refine the existing localized content on all worldwide Point Of Sales portals. Vistatec was engaged to carry out the work.

Vistatec designed a review process to address any linguistic lowlights on the site, and to provide an excellent shopping experience for all visitors. The focus was completely on the linguistic quality of the website, with the following main objectives:

  • Remove all possible misunderstandings/sources of confusion caused by poor or inappropriate choice of words.
  • Ensure that visitors were not hindered by sub-par translations at any point when booking a hotel, especially on the booking form which needed to be 100% clear.
  • Ensure that all localized content was clear, appealing, and suited the intended use and audience.
  • Check that local format rules were respected everywhere in the POS.
  • Provide written terminology guidelines for linguists working on future translation, as well as feedback on current style guides.

The Solution

  • Provided a dedicated technical Project Lead with speciality in engineering & testing processes.
  • Provided and managed a team of in-country linguists to carry out the review.
  • Worked in collaboration with worldwide customer teams including developers, translators, localization QA and engineering teams.
  • Reported and tracked all issues in the customer's JIRA system.
  • Performed linguistic QA across a mix of live and staging servers.
  • Carried out POS transactions using dummy payment cards and accounts on multiple browsers and mobile devices
  • Provided regular detailed progress reports and metrics.
  • Remained flexible and accommodating to changes to requirements and scheduling.


A significant quantity of issues was found during QA of the initial pilot languages. In order to remain on schedule, we agreed that an intermediate bug triage step needed to happen to reduce the workload for the customer's development teams.

Vistatec engineers were given access to the source files and became the primary team with responsibility for correcting any linguistic issues logged by the in-country linguistic teams. Our engineers in turn reassigned anything they could not resolve to the customer's developers.

As a result, linguistic issues were resolved in less time and the customer's development teams were able to concentrate on core issues. This initiative lead to faster turnaround times, better utilization of resources and ultimately, a higher quality product which was still delivered on time and within budget.