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The main localization challenge for this prominent medical device company was an increasing demand for translation throughout an ever expanding worldwide organization. With stringent demands for consistent high quality deliverables, the localization infrastructure needed to be strengthened so that all localized content could be thoroughly reviewed.

The customer did not have a sufficient number of in-house reviewers to cover all languages and locales, and the overall volume of work. In addition, there was no structured approach to manage scoring and overall quality metrics.

As this customer had been working exclusively with a single localization vendor, the goal was now to introduce a second partner to act as an outsourced Linguistic Review team, providing a variety of benefits:

  • Improve overall translation quality.
  • Expand the pool of Linguistic Reviewers for growing global markets, e.g. Thailand, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Distribute the workload between two vendors to limit risk and improve scalability.
  • Create a quality process that provided a measurable scoring mechanism and produced metrics to be shared with the translation vendor.
  • Review and share quarterly business intelligence provided by Vistatec.

The Solution 

  • Vistatec provided a dedicated Linguistic Review Project Manager.
  • Linguistic reviewers were on-boarded, trained and connected to the translation vendor's internal system, allowing seamless processing of projects on an ongoing basis.
  • Delivered an easy to follow scorecard with a pass/no pass/advisory scoring with each reviewed project.
  • Provided detailed feedback on issues to the translation vendor for review or correction prior to finalization.


  • The number of projects being reviewed on time was increased, improving the overall turnaround time for projects.
  • Overall language quality was improved.
  • Best practices for reviewing translations were introduced.
  • A measurable mechanism for all linguistic reviewers was introduced which contributed to a better understanding of the end-user experience
  • A close working relationship between all parties; the customer, the translation vendor and Vistatec was created.