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For this customer, quality must be of the absolute highest standard to meet global market requirements. Using a combination of proprietary tools, numerous internal clients, and software cycles with extreme highs and lows, the customer was looking for a partner that could become a seamless extension of their language quality program.

​Due to corporate restructuring, they also required that the partner's language reviewers would handle both linguistic work and administrative tasks in order to keep the program moving in a fast paced environment.

The customer was faced with the following struggles:

  • Downsized Project Management team to manage language quality – this impacted ability to complete tasks as well as knowledge transfer.
  • Underperforming existing language review vendor.
  • Limited capacity to onboard new languages.
  • Severe highs and lows in demand, affecting resource stability and capacity.
  • Finding a potential partner to onboard existing and qualified resources, formally the customer's employees.

The Solution

Vistatec was able to resolve these challenges by:

  • Providing a dedicated Project Management Lead with extensive knowledge of Language Review Services as well as technical knowledge which made it easy to learn the proprietary tools.
  • Setting up and manage a team of in-country linguistic reviewers.
  • Successfully onboarding the customer's previous employees, which ensured consistency.
  • Recruiting and training secondary resources to meet cyclical capacity requirements.
  • Leveraging customer's previous employees to onboard and train new reviewers.
  • Engaging linguists with relevant subject matter expertise for new languages.


Vistatec's approach allowed for a high quality and speedy transition to a successful partnership. The customer's former employees were seamlessly on-boarded, allowing for a consistent review program. Through Vistatec's Project Management Lead, additional resources were recruited, trained and supported. Vistatec's Language Review Program was able to exactly mirror the customer's approach of using subject matter expert linguists who are the best in the business, and also possess the skills to project manage. The customer was able to work through the corporate downsizing without a hitch.