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This Internet Information Provider needed a core web property and portal to be fully localized into 26 languages while addressing numerous demands and removing any roadblocks.

This included:

  • Coordination of worldwide teams including developers, translators, linguists, localization QA and engineering teams.
  • No Terminology Management.
  • Evaluation and prioritization of various stakeholders' goals.
  • Contractual deadlines to be met for customer's partner. If these were missed, financial penalties would apply. Also marketing campaigns would be jeopardized by any delays.
  • Managing multiple development teams and ensuring compliance with pre-agreed internationalization and localization guidelines.
  • Coordination and deployment of builds to test, staging and production environments.
  • Flexibility and scalability to be able to ramp up and down due to the dynamic nature of the project requirements.
  • No structured localization testing strategy.

The Solution 

  • Vistatec assisted with translation, linguistic QA, localization testing and engineering on a number of portal sites across APAC, EMEA, and the Americas markets.
  • Provided dedicated technical resources to collaborate with global QA teams to ensure the portals were properly QA'd and stress tested before release to production.
  • QA Lead assigned for the development of test plan and automated testing solutions.
  • Provided documented guidelines on terminology for all Language Quality Audit (LQA) tasks and feedback on current glossaries and maintenance plans.
  • Ensured all LQA edits were reviewed by the translator to resolve any rebuttals, and improve language quality going forward.
  • Compiled and communicated status and statistical reports to stakeholders.
  • Implemented continuous process improvements.
  • Coordinated the deployment of updated builds into production.
  • Coordinated 24-hour worldwide support for the global teams.
  • Hosted a localization summit to gather requirements and provide information to all stakeholders.
  • Developed professional relationships with all team leads.
  • Took on full responsibility for the customer's translation, linguistic QA, localization testing and engineering processes in line with the customer's overall business objectives.


  • Publication of the portals into all 26 target languages on schedule and within budget.
  • Project cost savings compared to initially budgeted figure of 50% – decreased by reducing the release cycle from 3 months to 1.5 months.
  • A fully managed, structured and smooth release cycle from the customer's perspective.