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For many years, this customer had localized their highly visible and valuable web site content following a standard localization process similar to what was used for mobile User Interface.  As a result, the in-country marketing teams had provided feedback that the essence of the web site communications was greatly diminished and in effect ‘lost in translation’.

The existing process was clearly not delivering the desired outcomes:

  • Up to 75% of content was deemed inappropriate for use by local markets.
  • The essence of the brand and related marketing communications had been greatly eroded.
  • Translated content was described as sterile and off-brand.
  • The process steps were inconsistently executed.
  • There was no central MSEO (Multilingual Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

Vistatec was asked to review the challenges and develop a program that would achieve the required outcomes – deliver high quality, compelling, and on-brand content that reflects and embodies the very essence of the brand.

The solution 

After an initial scoping phase, Vistatec created and implemented a fully outsourced managed solution that could deliver on all of objectives.  As part of the assessment process, the customer piloted Vistatec's solution in eight markets, running it in parallel with the existing process and solution provider.  In all eight cases, the in-country marketing teams preferred the Vistatec process and outcome. Overall results include:

  • Delivery of on-brand material for all 43 target markets.
  • Optimized spend – the efficiency of all localized content is now maximized, and is used in each target market.
  • Engaging in-country marketing teams proactively ensures buy in, and has all but eradicated negative feedback once the content is released.

Vistatec's Digital Marketing group designed a scalable bespoke Transcreation based solution that met all requirements.  Based on the success of our initial engagement, this customer now outsources all Digital Marketing localization requirements to Vistatec.


  • The new program has introduced a streamlined workflow, reducing the number of queries, increasing compliance and providing a superior service to the brand and site owners.
  • Turnaround times and overall time to market have both been reduced.
  • Market feedback and the effectiveness of global marketing campaigns have quantifiably improved.
  • Regular supply of metrics is allowing management to make data driven decisions about their business on a consistent basis.
  • The customer's employees have now been freed up to focus on their primary job, resulting in a better experience for their client base.
  • The customer subsequently centralized MSEO with Vistatec allowing for significantly more efficient and consistent delivery of global campaigns.